Safety is paramount in our eyes and our experienced instructors ensure that every flight you take is of the highest quality. Your instructor will go through each phase of any flight with you before you get airborne and provide a clear and simple debrief upon your return. We will happily take that extra bit of time to answer any questions you may have. You are important to us and we look forward to providing you with the best possible experience.

Our Chief Flying Instructor is Teraya Miller. A highly qualified, professional instructor she has been teaching people to fly in the beautiful Southern Highlands since 1993.

Our Flying Instructors are a friendly, highly qualified, professional team with a vast range of experience in all types of aircraft from ultralights to multi-engine aircraft. They know and understand the local area and seek to ensure that your learning experience is customized to suit your needs.

General Aviation Fleet

Our General Aviation training fleet consists of Piper Warrior’s and Cessna C172’s. The powerful engines in these robust training aircraft make them perfectly suited to the higher altitude airports of Goulburn and Canberra whilst their load capacity and cruise speed make them attractive for longer trips. We are also generally able to train in your own aircraft if you have one available.

Recreational Aviation Fleet

Our Recreational Aviation training is undertaken in a Jabiru J170. This aircraft is light, strong, and comfortable. The Jabiru is one of the most popular recreational aircraft in Australia.