An essential step in the process of learning to fly is gaining an understanding of the necessary theory subjects and passing exams on these topics.

Much of the available knowledge can be obtained through self-study however many people choose to undertake one of our well-structured, detailed courses. The standard courses we run are as follows:

Basic aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)
The BAK is the theory exam you will need to pass before gaining your Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) (see flight training page). The most popular option for undertaking this course is via our weekend program. Conducted over 3 weekends the course generally allows time for the sitting of the exam on the last day. These courses are conducted in a well-structured, personal and engaging format with lunch and light refreshments provided.

We also run weekday courses in the BAK and are able to customize a delivery method to suit anyone’s needs.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
This course generally runs over 3 weekends (weekday courses are available also) and covers all of the necessary topics for you to undertake the CASA Private Pilot’s Theory Exam. Taking further the knowledge you gained during your BAK study the passing of this exam is necessary in order to be awarded your Private Pilots Licence. As with all our courses the lessons are conducted with personal attention and limited numbers per class size to enable us to better meet your learning needs.

RAAus Pilot Certificate
The curriculum for the attaining of a RAAus pilot certificate is covered in this course. Run over 3 weekends, we cover topics such as aerodynamics, weather, and aviation law. Classes are customized based on individual needs, for example, if you are converting from general aviation verses a first time student.

Customized training options
We can also provide customized courses for pilots who may wish to do some revision, or update themselves on new regulations. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help with any enquiry.